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Help & Info about Free Video Editor for windows

  • Why does it take so long to prepare videos for editing?

    There are many reasons why it may take a long time for your video to prepare so that you may start editing it. The size and quality of the video has an effect, so does the file type, the speed of your processor and the amount of RAM your computer has.
  • Is this a free trial?

    There is a free trial for the full version of this program, but there is also a free version of this program. The free version has numerous limits that make it an inconvenient tool for regular use.
  • What limits does the free version impose?

    They mostly include the size of the output file you are allowed, and many of the tools are locked. On the other hand, if you opt for the free trial, then you may use all the tools, but there will be a watermark on your video, your output video will be limited to one minute, and some functions may only be used a total number of five times.
  • Is there a free trial version for the full version?

    If you download the free version of this tool, you may then sign up for the free trial. You may need to download the updated version of this Free Video Editor in order to use the free trial, or the free trial may simply activate automatically once you agree to it.
  • Which file formats will this program work with?

    You may upload and edit these file types: AVI, MPG, MPEG, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV and MPEG-As you can see, if you are dealing with older video files and your attempts to convert them have failed, you may like to use this Free Video Editor to edit the files.
  • Is this a subscription service or a lifetime purchase?

    The free version is a small stand-alone tool that doesn't need any sort of subscription or even an Internet connection. The free trial requires an Internet connection at first, and it is more like a subscription because it expires. If you buy the full version of this Free Video Editor, then you get a registration key that unlocks this tool for all time. However, if you lose the tool, such as if you reset your computer, then you need to download and buy the program all over again.
  • Why is this program promoted as an artistic tool?

    It is a rather dated piece of software, but it does allow you to convert your videos into something that looks a little more artistic, and that is something that newer video editors do not focus on.
  • Will this program run in the background while loading and rendering?

    You may run other programs while you are running this Free Video Editor. This means that you may edit videos while using other programs. Plus, it means that you may do other things on your computer when the editor is preparing or rendering your videos.
  • Can I add different video formats at the same time?

    You may place different file types into the editor and then edit them at the same time. The output file comes out at whatever you set it to, and it comes out as one file type.
  • What sort of things can I alter with this program?

    This Free Video Editor allows you to change things such as the bit rate, frame rate and resolution. It allows for manual splitting and automatic splitting. You may rotate your scenes, splice clips, add music, add artistic effects, join different video clips, add subtitles and add watermarks.


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