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Free Video Editor

Free Video Editor 10.3

Free Video Editor is a great shortcut to quick video fixes

When you've just taken some home movies on your phone or another device but they need to be polished or cut together you need video editing software. For those seeking a quick free solution ThunderShare's Free Video Editor is a great choice. Simple enough for beginners but fairly powerful this is perfect for getting your videos up to scratch. 

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  • Stephan Janssens

    by Stephan Janssens

    I love this application! It's fast and efficient, I use it for my YouTube videos and its easy to use. It really helps make my videos look professional.

  • Brian Miller

    by Brian Miller

    It is a false claim. It is not free to use except for a very short limited period. After that you have to pay. No clue about that on the site. NOT RECOMMENDED.

  • Emily Hill

    by Emily Hill

    It has a very limited time you can use this app for free. You might not even be able to finish working on your video. Then you need to purchase the app...

  • Kerry Brown

    by Kerry Brown

    It seems to be working great now. I like the joiner program because it is fast at just joining them without re-encoding and losing quality. Thank you.

  • Rohit Raj

    by Rohit Raj

    Usually Video Editing Software need computer with high spec, but this one can run smoothly in normal Laptop. Beside that it is easy to use, I am very satisfied of using free video editor.

  • cs officer

    by cs officer

    Gz, you've just made me waste my time on downloading and installing this. Neither in cons, nor in the description is it mentioned that a huge, disgusting watermark at the center is gonna make your video useless. 1/10.

  • ayron cagara

    by ayron cagara

    yes i will recommend this video editor to other because this is a biggest opportunity that you can use inyour video presentation.

  • Akash Shah

    by Akash Shah

    free version puts watermark right in the centre on all edited videos. so unless u buy the full version its impossible to do any editing then why is it advertising as a free /trial version software.

  • Stephan Janssens

    by Stephan Janssens

    You can cut and trim videos all you want, there is a very nice UI too. Adding subtitles is easy and everything is very user friendly. It is a great program.

  • Peter Mitchell

    by Peter Mitchell

    VERY GOOD! I enjoyed it very much and I am happy to start editing my youtube vids REALLY GOOD!

  • Paul Maycock

    by Paul Maycock

    Be warned! This software is NOT free. The free version has a very large and intrusive watermark across the center of the video and in order to remove it you have to purchase the product. It is not cheep to buy and it is ABSOLUTELY NOT FREE!!!

  • Jomin Jose

    by Jomin Jose

    Pretty good for a free software...a little bit more could be done to enhance the editor workspace...maybe a darker background and better icons...also...the changes in speed must not affect the pitch of the original audio

  • Shailaja Gupta

    by Shailaja Gupta

    good very interesting and useful for my musical acrreee thanks a lot for this

  • Captain Overwatch

    by Captain Overwatch

    great, amazing super usefull but needs a few fixes there but overall good

  • Kawall Hilary

    by Kawall Hilary

    Great Video editor with lot of powerful tools, it eases me to make my music videos.

  • Susan York

    by Susan York

    Easy to use as compared to other video editors, a nice, clean, and smooth editor.

  • Sarabjeet Singh

    by Sarabjeet Singh

    A stupid looking watermark is shown in the middle of all your videos. This is useless software.



    Love to use it! Thanks for providing this powerful software!

  • Donald Tan

    by Donald Tan

    Someone told me last Friday about Free Video Editor and I tried it. I was very impressed. It is user-friendly with lots of features. I would recommend it to anyone who loves to make and edit video's.

  • Riya Patel

    by Riya Patel

    its good for video editing itss helping me making and editing videos

  • Himen Baidya

    by Himen Baidya

    Very bad . very bad . Trimmed videos comes without sound . Dont go for it . And its not free as well .

  • Yerbol Sapar

    by Yerbol Sapar

    Better try another. Bad corrupted quality of video resulted after linking several videos

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Thanks for aplication. Easy to use and not many edit feature, It is great apps we can easily edit the video and get it free. Very best for cutting video

  • Magpie Reve

    by Magpie Reve

    NOT FREE. It's not free and it doesn't work. Because they want you to buy it. So Again Don't Post it As FREE WHEN IT ISN'T

  • Ash R.

    by Ash R.

    it is a very poor video editor. Honestly, this is the most unintuitive editor I've seen in my days. It also has almost no compatibility with anything on my PC. Pros: free. Cons: unintuitive. uncompatible

  • elina sarkar

    by elina sarkar

    Not good. Their watermark is appearing on videos which is irritating. They should provide option for removing martermark. Pros: user interface is good. Cons: watermark is undesirable

  • by Anonymous

    You have to buy it!. After less then one hour, the software says that the evaluation period has expired and I have to purchase it if I want to use it yet. Wasn't it a free program? Pros: godd program, easy to use. Cons: it is not free, just a trial

  • Fer

    by Fer

    it was useless for me. it was useless to be honest. i really could not to anything with it and it made the video laggy. Pros: nothign. Cons: to laggy. add more features. no virus

  • by Anonymous

    One Sentantnace. I think this software is good for video editing. A good video for me !!!! : ) Pros: editing the video s. fun interface. Cons: needs moreless virsues. cats

  • Priya Ramachandran

    by Priya Ramachandran

    good easy to use. It is very simple easy to use, clear and not complicated as other paid softwares and does the basic job of cutting cropping and editing. Pros: Ease of use. Cons: A help file to get started for first timers. Have to figure out on your own