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  • Stephan Janssens

    by Stephan Janssens

    You can cut and trim videos all you want, there is a very nice UI too. Adding subtitles is easy and everything is ver...   More

  • Peter Mitchell

    by Peter Mitchell

    VERY GOOD! I enjoyed it very much and I am happy to start editing my youtube vids REALLY GOOD!.   More

  • Paul Maycock

    by Paul Maycock

    Be warned! This software is NOT free. The free version has a very large and intrusive watermark across the center of ...   More

  • Jomin Jose

    by Jomin Jose

    Pretty good for a free software...a little bit more could be done to enhance the editor workspace...maybe a darker ba...   More

  • Shailaja Gupta

    by Shailaja Gupta

    good very interesting and useful for my musical acrreee thanks a lot for this.   More

  • Captain Overwatch

    by Captain Overwatch

    great, amazing super usefull but needs a few fixes there but overall good.   More

  • Kawall Hilary

    by Kawall Hilary

    Great Video editor with lot of powerful tools, it eases me to make my music videos..   More

  • Susan York

    by Susan York

    Easy to use as compared to other video editors, a nice, clean, and smooth editor..   More

  • Sarabjeet Singh

    by Sarabjeet Singh

    A stupid looking watermark is shown in the middle of all your videos. This is useless software..   More



    Love to use it! Thanks for providing this powerful software!.   More

  • Donald Tan

    by Donald Tan

    Someone told me last Friday about Free Video Editor and I tried it. I was very impressed. It is user-friendly with lo...   More

  • Riya Patel

    by Riya Patel

    its good for video editing itss helping me making and editing videos.   More

  • Himen Baidya

    by Himen Baidya

    Very bad .
    very bad . Trimmed videos comes without sound . Dont go for it . And its not free as well..   More

  • Yerbol Sapar

    by Yerbol Sapar

    Better try another.
    Bad corrupted quality of video resulted after linking several videos.   More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Thanks for aplication.
    Easy to use and not many edit feature, It is great apps we can easily edit the video and ...   More

  • Magpie Reve

    by Magpie Reve

    It's not free and it doesn't work. Because they want you to buy it. So Again Don't Post it As FREE WHE...   More

  • Ash R.

    by Ash R.

    it is a very poor video editor.
    Honestly, this is the most unintuitive editor I've seen in my days. It also has ...   More

  • elina sarkar

    by elina sarkar

    Not good.
    Their watermark is appearing on videos which is irritating. They should provide option for removing ma...   More

  • by Anonymous

    You have to buy it!.
    After less then one hour, the software says that the evaluation period has expired and I ha...   More

  • Fer

    by Fer

    it was useless for me.
    it was useless to be honest. i really could not to anything with it and it made the video...   More

  • by Anonymous

    One Sentantnace.
    I think this software is good for video editing. A good video for me !!!! : )
    Pros: editi...   More

  • Priya Ramachandran

    by Priya Ramachandran

    good easy to use.
    It is very simple easy to use, clear and not complicated as other paid softwares and does the ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Very Helpful.
    It's very helpful and useful for people who don't have a lot of money who are trying to edit video...   More

  • by Anonymous

    A big watermark takes the screen.
    useless because of the big watermark in the middle. This makes it not free. Sh...   More

  • by Anonymous

    Ad appears throughout the video.

  • by Anonymous

    this is a great app, just that water mark.....
    The huge red water mark, advert, that automatically gets added to...   More